Friday, December 29, 2006

Locked Up for Christmas

New York attorney Anthony Colleluori vents about the NYS Dept of Criminal Justice Services. His client was arrested on Dec. 23 for assault in the second degree. The case is weak and the client has a job and family -- but the judge COULD NOT set bail because there wasn't a rap sheet yet because the Dept of Criminal Justice Services had not processed the client's fingerprints. That Lawyer Dude: NYS Department of Criminal Justice Services Christmas Message To The Families Of Accused Felons: BAH HUMBUG, Dec. 24, 2006.

Gee, when I watch "Law and Order," it seems they "pull the sheet" almost immediately. Who knew that TV wasn't the same as real life?

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That Lawyer Dude said...

Thought I would give you an update. The Client Fired me! I "Couldn't pull any strings to get him out of jail for the holiday so your no better than a Public Defender!!" Well his conclusion may be right but for all the wrong reasons. Sheesh NO ONE GOT OUT!! Of course First thing Tuesday after the holiday he got out on the bail I negotiated.

For you students out there: 1.The client was mad. He had to take it out on someone and he couldn't fire the Judge, or prosecutor (or the DIVISION OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE SERVICES) so that left me.
2. Get paid for your services up front (I did get paid begrudingly but the kid's dad wanted to know why he should pay me after I wasted 4 hours in court and 2 the night before comforting his wife and daughter) Because after all why should they pay me I "accomplished nuthin'."
3. No good deeds go unpunished... but you probably ought to do them anyway, (it's like eating brussel sprouts,) so get your full fee and never cut a fee in advance you can always be a good guy and give it back or donate it to charity.
Happy New Year! TLD