Saturday, April 14, 2007

John Waters a Court TV Host

Court TV now has its first scripted TV series, about husbands who kill wives and wives who kill husbands. John Waters hosts the show as "The Groom Reaper." John Waters Brings His Singular Strangeness to New Court TV Show About Murder, AP (, April 9, 2007. Waters used to go to trials on his own, drawn by the drama.

Waters says the show's political incorrectness intrigues him. If it were a show about spoofing spousal abuse, he says, no one would go for it. But, somehow, murder is exempt. Simply by being there as the Groom Reaper, Waters says, "I'm enabling you not to feel guilty about enjoying it."
The AP writer (Caryn Brooks) adds:
And that's the problem. Waters' best work usually makes viewers feel guilty for enjoying it. Very, very guilty. "'Til Death Do Us Part" doesn't make us feel guilty enough.
The show's website is here.

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