Friday, May 9, 2008

Jury and Democracy Project - Thur. 5/15

Prof. John Gastil will discuss his work examining the relationship between jury service and civic participation at an event hosted by the Forum on Law and Policy, Thur. May 15, 12:30, William H. Gates Hall rm 117. (Students: free lunch!)

Prof. Gastil is a leader of the Jury and Democracy Project.

Until recently, there was no direct empirical evidence regarding the link between jury service and public engagement, but a study recently published by this proposal’s primary investigators produced such data. Our 2002 study found that after controlling for other trial features and past voting frequency, Washington citizens who served on a criminal jury that reached a verdict were more likely to vote in subsequent elections than were those jurors who deadlocked, were dismissed during trial, or served as alternates. Our current research confirms that general finding and shows in more detail how jury service influences the civic attitudes and behaviors of average citizens.

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