Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Verdict in Russell Vehicular Homicide Case

Russell guilty on 3 homicide charges, Spokesman Review, Nov. 6, 2007:

Jury deliberations began Monday afternoon, after more than three weeks of jury selection, witness testimony and arguments. In the end, jurors sided with prosecutors, who said Russell was drunk, speeding, and on the wrong side of the road in a no-passing zone.

Several jurors were visibly emotional Tuesday, crying during juror poling by Frazier, and reportedly again when attorneys met privately with the jury afterward.

“It was obvious that it was a very difficult verdict for them,” said defense attorney Diego Vargas, who said jurors were initially split 6 to 6.

Vargas said the case will be appealed on several grounds, including problems with two blood-alcohol tests, alleged ineffective assistance by a previous attorney for Russell and issues surrounding jury selection.

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