Monday, January 16, 2006

Judge Jack E. Tanner

[NEWS] Judge Jack E. Tanner died last week. The first African American judge in the Northwest, he was noted for several civil rights rulings, including one about prison conditions at the Washington State Penitentiary and a nationally famous "comparable worth" case. The Seattle Times: Obituary | Judge made key civil-rights rulings. Trial Ad note: one of the people quoted in the obituary is instructor Thomas Hillier.

See also obituaries from the University of Washington School of Law (he was a 1955 graduate) and the Seattle PI.

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Anonymous said...

Jack Tanner was considered one of the worst Federal Jurists in America and held the unique distinction of having his decisions overturned by the appellate court (9th Circuit Court of Appeals) more than any Federal Judge in history. Not a distinction to be proud of. He was not very smart and was a notorious bigot who routinely deviated from the law. He was a prosecutors judge and will not be missed.