Monday, May 22, 2006

Paperless Trial Practice?

Evan Schaeffer is a skeptic about going paperless, but some commenters to his post swear by it. The Illinois Trial Practice Weblog: Do Away With Paper Entirely? Not Me.

I find I've shifted a bit over the years. I do a lot more online, but I still like to read lengthy documents in paper. I also use paper for very short documents (to-do lists, reminders to myself, etc.). Of course organization is a huge challenge, no matter what medium one is trying to manage. My Word files are organized pretty well, but my e-mail inbox is just as messy as my desk.

Electronic filing certainly has made court documents more widely available. It's amazing to be able to sign onto PACER and find docket sheets and pleadings from distant courts.

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Photo credit: Cheryl Nyberg, April 2005

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