Sunday, May 14, 2006

Trial Consulting

If the Wash. St. B. News article whetted your appetite for information about trial consultants, check out Trial Consulting, by Amy J. Posey and Lawrence S. Wrightsman (Oxford University Press, 2005).

According to the publisher's description:

Trial Consulting provides an in-depth examination of the primary activities of trial consultants, including discussion of the empirical support for those activities and ethical issues raised by them. The book also discusses the growth of the profession and consequent growing pains it has undergone, and recommends reforms that might move trial consulting forward as a respected profession.
Chapters include:
  • 1. Trial Consulting: Does It Help Achieve the Cause of Justice?
  • 2. Witness Preparation
  • 5. Trial Strategies and Procedures
  • 6. What Do We Know about Jury Deliberations and the Determinants Of Jury Decisions?
  • 7. Jury Selection - Measures of General Bias
  • 8.Jury Selection - Case-specific Approaches Chapter
  • 10. What Needs to be Changed?
The book is available in the library, KF8915 .P67 2005 at Classified Stacks. Want to read a little without leaving your computer? Chapter 1, which serves as an introduction to the book and the field, is included on the publisher's website (along with the table of contents and index).

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