Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Asset Forfeiture Resources

Forfeiture Endangers American Rights (F.E.A.R.) is a nonprofit group "dedicated to the reform of federal and state asset forfeiture laws to restore due process and protect property rights in the forfeiture process."

It makes some handbooks and documents available free on its website; others are available for sale in print or online to subscribers.

In response to FEAR's FOIA requests, the Department of Justice released

the 2006 versions of: Selected Asset Forfeiture Statutes, Money Laundering Statutes and Related Materials, and the DOJ Asset Forfeiture Policy Manual. These manuals are hot off the presses -- the two compilations of statutes (both of which include what appears to be a complete collection of every relevant federal statute on the subject -- and some very useful tables and "related material") were published in May 2006.
FEAR plans to scan them and sell them in PDF -- with FEAR commentary -- on CD-ROM.

Thanks to beSpacific for the lead.

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