Thursday, August 24, 2006

Notorious Batterer Wants to Reunite with Wife

Victor David, who was convicted of assault and given an exceptional sentence because of his years of abuse of his wife, is now out of prison and wants to reunite with his wife, who suffered permanent brain damage from the abuse. Immigration officials have begun deportation proceedings (he is Canadian) and there are three protective orders to prevent him from contacting her. Jennifer Sullivan, Victor David wants to reunite with the wife he abused, Seattle Times, Aug. 24, 2006.

During the years of abuse, Victor David had been receiving money from the state department of Social and Health Services to care for his wife, who he said had MS. The state settled a civil lawsuit for $8.8 million. The Times article, above, has links to older stories and a timeline.

Ms. David's attorney was David P. Moody (also a Trial Ad instructor). See his page about the case.

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