Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blogging a Cape Cod Murder Trial

A murder trial in Cape Cod has captured a lot of public attention. The victim (Christa Worthington) was a fashion writer (Vogue, Elle, et al.) who had a child fathered by a local married man; the accused (Christopher McCowen) was her garbage collector. Court TV has extensive coverage. And for day-by-day accounts, you can visit the Christopher McCowen Murder Trial Blog hosted by the Cape Cod Times and written by reporter Eric Williams. Here you can find details about examination, cross-examination, and so on. You can also get glimpses of Mr. Williams’s life as a journalist:

I have been working out of my car for ten days now.

It is filled with banana peels, cigar butts and coffee cups.

I have also exhausted my supply of dark socks for court.

This morning around 6:30, I ripped through the heel of my last clean pair, necessitating a hands and knees search in the dark, which eventually produced hosiery of questionable vintage.
Post from 9:10 this morning. What would the international fashion writer have said about that?

Thanks: Legal Blog Watch.

Graphic by mw.

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