Saturday, October 14, 2006

Do Strip Clubs Attract Crime?

A Seattle ordinance (Ordinance No. 121952, Oct. 3, 2005) imposes restrictions on strip clubs. Three clubs are working for Referendum 1, which would undo the ordinance. On Friday they released a study by UC Santa Barbara professor Daniel Linz that found that strip clubs occasioned fewer calls to police than some nearby bars and other businesses. (Strip clubs do not serve alcohol.) The Seattle Times: Local News: Study contends strip clubs aren't a magnet for crimes, Seattle Times, Oct. 14, 2006.

Dr. Linz, a psychologist whose appointments are in the Department of Communication and the Law and Society Program, has done work "empirically testing assumptions made by the law and legal actors in the area of the First Amendment. His research spans the topics of media violence, pornography and sexual depictions and pretrial publicity, news and race." Earlier studies related to the strip club controversy are:

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