Thursday, October 12, 2006

Prawfs' Research Canons Project

The law professors at PrawfsBlawg have started a project they call "research canons." This is an attempt to gather recommendations of the important works in different legal fields that a scholar working in the area should be aware of. PrawfsBlawg: Research Canons.

Some readers of Trial Ad Notes might find the discussion too academic, but others might be interested in the landmark law review articles and books in their fields. See, e.g., Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence.

This reminds me of an interesting project by Fred Shapiro, in which he figured out which works were cited most often in U.S. law reviews. His article, listing the most-cited legal books, most-cited treatises and texts, most cited British books, and most-cited nonlegal books, is Fred R. Shapiro, The Most-Cited Legal Books Published Since 1978, 29 J. Legal Stud. 397 (2000). Our library has a guide with the lists and our call numbers here.

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