Sunday, October 1, 2006

Spinach Litigation

Seattle firm Marler Clark has made a specialty of tainted food litigation -- from E. coli from tainted hamburger at Jack in the Box in the early 1990s to spinach cases this fall.

This week the Wall Street Journal profiled the firm: How a Tiny Law Firm Made Hay Out of Tainted Spinach, Wall St. J., Sept. 27, 2006, at B1. (Seattleites may have seen that article reprinted in this morning's Seattle Times (p. F1), but it's not on the Times website.)

Some interesting points:

  • Expertise: The firm has an epidemiologist and a nurse on staff in addition to its six attorneys.
  • Marketing: Marler Clark has used the Internet for visibility. It sponsored a couple of dozen websites and blogs with information about food-borne illnesses and litigation, so that when when people start looking for information, there's the firm.
  • Settlements: "The firm has tried exactly one case" -- winning a $4.6 million verdict against a school district where 11 children got E. coli from cafeteria tacos. It has settled many, many cases -- for a total of $250 million.
  • Impact: The firm attributes some food industry safety reforms to its litigation. Others question whether the impact.
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