Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Judging: A Book for Student Clerks

Judging: A Book for Student Clerks (KF8807 .J94 2002 at Reference) is a slender book of readings, edited by Louis J. Sirico, Jr. It's aimed at law students doing judicial externships (perhaps to be used as a text in an externship seminar), but it could be interesting to leaf through for others interested in the judging process. The readings are excerpted from law reviews and newspapers -- even a "60 Minutes" transcript.

Topics are:

  • The Decision Making Process
  • Effect of Public Opinion on the Decision Making Process
  • The Criminal Process
  • Ethics and the Judiciary
  • The Judge's Role in Pre-Trial Settlement and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Collegiality Between Judges
  • Judges and Juries
  • Judges and Lawyers
  • Judges Are Human, Too
  • Law Clerks and Writing

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