Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Other Washington Trial Practice Blogs

Evan Schaeffer at the Illinois Trial Practice Weblog listed Other Trial-Practice Weblogs for You to Consider, Jan. 2, 2007. One I hadn't come across before is just over the mountains: Washington Trial Law, by Robert Boggs, of Lyon, Weigand, & Gustafson, P.S., in Yakima.

Another blog I've mentioned here before is Electronic Discovery Law by K & L Gates (until last week the firm was Preston Gates & Ellis).

Other Washington State blogs on topics even tangentially related to trial practice:

These blogs vary a lot in how much content they offer, how often they are updated, and the extent to which they appear to be online extensions of billboards or late-night TV ads.

Let me know if you know of other blogs covering trial-related topics in Washington State. And stick with Trial Ad Notes for a hearty and stimulating mix of state and national news and legal developments about trial practice and the legal system.


Anonymous said...

Mary, thanks for noticing our blogs.

Anonymous said...

Injustice Anywhere, criminal and juvenile defense.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for listing my blog. Although I am no longer actively practicing law because of a career change I am maintaining my DUI website.

I aim to present an unbiased opinion about all aspects of DUI (or at least a balanced one as a former prosecutor and DUI defense attorney).

I try to make 3 to 4 posts a week and update my site every 1 to 2 weeks. Thanks again. I will create a link to your site.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, thanks for mentioning our Washington personal injury news page (currently dated and under redesign). I'm actually much prouder of what we are doing with our blawgs in your state with Seattle personal injury attorney Micheal Myers, Tacoma attorney Ryan Nute, and Everett lawyer Glenn Phillips. Check their blogs and let them know what you think!

Unknown said...

Beard Stacey Trueb & Jacobsen is actually publishing a new blog at joneactlawblog.com. Your readers should check out that site, instead of the blog.maritimelawyer.us one, because it will be updated more freqently. Thanks for the link!