Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lessons from Football

Elliott Wilcox offers A Lesson from the Florida Gators About Winning Cases, Winning Trial Advocacy Techniques, Jan. 15, 2007. Everyone thought the Ohio State Buckeyes were a shoo-in, but the Florida Gators whopped 'em anyway. The lessons? 1. Ignore the hype. 2. Practice, practice, practice. 3. Know your opponent. (Elliott elaborates nicely on each of these.)

This link was sent in by Bill Pryme-Fuld, who says he can't "get enough of sports intertwining with law, especially when it comes to trial work." Any other good sports-and-law items out there?

By the way, Elliott Wilcox had his Trial Theater website for years (longer than I've been blogging anyway). In September, he started this Winning Trial Advocacy Techniques blog. He always has good, sensible advice. Take a look! Or a listen, since he also offers a weekly podcast.

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