Friday, January 19, 2007

Profile of Boise Plaintiff's Attorney

Here's an interesting profile of a sole practitioner who sees himself as a champion of "lots and lots of little guys": Once a self-described hippie, Phil Gordon takes on class-action suits, Idaho Statesman, Jan. 18, 2007.

Gordon's cases include cases:

  • against Micron Technology on behalf of buyers of memory chips alleging price fixing and securities fraud.
  • against Morrison Knudsen on behalf of shareholders of Raytheon.
  • against Louisiana Pacific for defective siding material.
  • against four realty companies for antitrust violations.
  • against the state insurance fund for paying dividends only to large businesses.
  • against Lube 'N Tune for allegedly violating the state consumer protection act when it charged consumers an oil disposal fee when in fact the company makes money by selling the used oil (Jiffy Lube has settled a similar suit elsewhere).
Thanks: Arbitrary and Capricious.

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Anonymous said...

O' lord, please see me through the clowns of the legal system...