Sunday, January 7, 2007

Seattle Profiles Innocence Project, Names Top Lawyers

This month's issue of Seattle Magazine has a long profile of the UW's Innocence Project Northwest. Todd Matthews, Finding Innocence, Seattle, Jan. 2007, at 90-95. (Sorry, the article isn't online, so you'll have to watch for a copy in print.) The article features the case of Ted Bradford, who was exonerated of rape by DNA technology that was not available at the time of his original trial. (See post.) Mr. Bradford was represented by project director Jackie McMurtrie and attorney (and Trial Ad instructor) Felix Luna who was working pro bono, as well as by Matt Ficcaglia and Theresa Connor (both UW '06). The article is about more than that one case. It tells how Prof. McMurtrie came to found the project -- something I hadn't known, even though I was working here at the time. And it describes how the issue of wrongful convictions inspired Kelly Canary, now a 3L, to finish college and apply to law school.

In Seattle's list of 155 top lawyers in town, I spotted several Trial Ad instructors and other UW faculty:

  • Lourdes Fuentes (Immigration Law), who recently left private practice and is the new director of the UW's Immigration Law Clinic.
  • Tom Hillier (Public Defender), Trial Ad Instructor. (He gets a full-page picture and a profile, pp. 82-83.)
  • Todd Maybrown(Criminal Defense), Trial Ad Instructor.
  • Jeffery Robinson (Criminal Defense), Trial Ad Instructor.
  • Hugh D. Spitzer (Constitutional Law), who teaches Washington Constitutional Law, Local Government Law, and Roman Law.
Congratulations, all!

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