Monday, January 15, 2007

WSBA Honors Judge Stilz

On Friday the Washington State Bar Association gave its Local Hero award to Thurston County District Court Judge Clifford L. Stilz Jr.Press release, Jan. 10, 2007. Among other things,

Judge Stilz has taken on the project of designing, establishing, and implementing a mental health court. As a result of his work, the county commissioners have approved the program, and Stilz continues to advocate for mentally ill offenders.
"Through his efforts, many mentally ill people are afforded the opportunity for treatment, as opposed to being locked up in jail," said James J. Dixon of Ditlevson Rodgers Dixon, P.S., in his nomination letter. "Mental Health Court helps these people stay on their medications and maintain treatment regimens, with the added goal of keeping them crime-free. A lot of people talk about doing something to benefit the mentally ill offender; Judge Stilz has done something about it."
Judge Stilz is a UW alumnus, class of 1970.

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