Friday, May 9, 2008

Busy Week!

There's a lot going on for students (and community members) interested in trial-related topics next week!

  • Mon.-Fri., May 12-16, evenings: 1L appellate advocacy competition
  • Tues., May 13, 12:30: IPNW Student Chapter hosts "Mistaken Eyewitness Identification: The Leading Cause of Wrongful Convictions," with Prof. Jackie McMurtrie and attorney Anna Tolin
  • Wed., May 14, 1-6pm: Coughenour trial advocacy competition, presided over by Hon. John C. Coughenour
  • Thur. May 15, 12:30: Jury and Democracy Project talk
  • Thur. May 15, 3:30: TGIT and presentation of the Dwyer prize for best paper on a topic related to the jury system
  • Fri. May 16, 8-3: Animal Law: Working with the Grassroots, sponsored by SALDF. 5.0 CLE credits. Free, but registration is requited. See here for link to online registration.


Dakota said...

I'm participating in the 1L appellate ad competition this week. It's rough! My partner and I won the oral element last night, but ended up losing over all as our opponents wrote a higher-scoring brief. Oh well.

Mary Whisner said...

Congratulations on your good oral advocacy scores and good luck tonight!
Hang in there -- it's all about developing new skills. Well, everyone prefers winning, too, but that's just a part of the picture. -- Mary