Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Calling Home Is Expensive

Most prisons charge inmates such high rates that "a phone call from an inmate across town may be ten times more expensive than ringing a friend in Singapore," says the Legal Times blog. Now the FCC might do something about it. The agency is holding a day-long workshop today.  FCC Tackles Cost of Prison Phone Calls, The BLT: The Blog of the Legal Times, July 10, 2013.

It's a big issue for the quality of life of inmates and their families. It also affects access to counsel (defense counsel get hit with big bills accepting calls from clients). And it affects state budgets: a Virginia legislator who wants to reform prison phone rates acknowledges that the state general fund would miss the millions of dollars it has been making from the high rates. "What do we replace the lost revenue with? That's our problem."


dallas texas personal injury attorney said...

Being separated from their family members and loved ones is already a punishment, so why make these people suffer even more by not giving them a favorable phone call rates?

David Glenn said...

Perhaps it's about time that the government should take a step ahead and make new amendments regarding this issue.