Saturday, July 13, 2013

Witness Testifying Via Skype

Weekend Edition this morning included this:

Witness in Zimmerman Case Testifies by Skype
Two problems arise with the new technology: The witness's testimony in this case was interrupted by pranksters; and appearing via Skype may violate the constitutional right to face your accuser. Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon talks with attorney John Hutchins about using Skype in criminal cases.
Listen here.


Dustin said...

Aside from the two problems listed, there are problems inherent with the witness not being physically in the room, as Hutchins stated.

This isn't just a legal issue, it's an emotional and personal one. When a witness (or anyone) is communicating with someone in person, the emotional appeal and personal attachment to the message or the context of the message is much stronger than over any other line of communication; that is, the emotional impact of a story is stronger in person. One wonders how a jury would perceive the same exact testimony had it been done in person, and if there's enough of a difference to change the course of a court case.

Glenn - Dallas texas personal injury lawyer said...

Court trial proceedings are very critical issues. Its should not be interrupted in any matter.
I think the lawyer should have made any effort to bring the witness personally to court.

Fort Myers Personal Injury Lawyer said...

As a former assistant public defender, I was riveted to this trial. I must say, with all the on-screen interruptions during this particular Skype session, I could not stop laughing.