Monday, May 21, 2007

More on McKay

Chuck Taylor, editor of Crosscut, asks Unasked questions in the U.S. attorney firings, Crosscut, May 11, 2007. His questions: (1) Why is it OK for McKay to accuse the White House of firing him as political payback without proof? (2) If the firing was about McKay's failure to prosecute voter fraud in the 2004 gubernatorial election, then shouldn't there be a closer look at his decision? Many readers clicked on the Comments button and weighed in.

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Spartacus O'Neal said...

Sometimes patterns of criminal behavior are so repetitive that even civil servants can see them. Proof of criminal intent is not always available when dealing with criminal syndicates like the present White House cabinet; they not surprisingly go to great lengths to cover up or destroy evidence. Other times, they either perjure themselves or refuse to testify under oath. As far as that election goes, has any been looked at with greater scrutiny?