Sunday, March 4, 2007

King County Law Library Podcasts

The King County Law Library started producing podcasts in the fall. They offer a variety of information -- from research tips to beer recommendations.

The Jan. 29 episode is about disability law and includes an interview with Judge Catherine Shaffer about ensuring access to the courts for people with disabilities. She was cochair of the committee that produced Ensuring Equal Access for People with Disabilities: A Guide for Washington Courts (Aug. 2006). The guide is aimed particularly at court staff, but trial attorneys should review it too. How will you examine a witness who is blind, serve a client who needs a wheelchair, or argue to a jury that includes someone who uses a sign language interpreter?

(Judge Shaffer has been a Trial Ad instructor in past years.)

The Feb. 15 podcast focused on things the commentators love, in honor of Valentine's Day. You might be interested in Craig's top five courtroom dramas (and Stina's Hollywood gossip related to them).

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