Friday, March 9, 2007

Rangers and Robbers

Two former Army Rangers who were stationed at Ft. Lewis are pleading guilty today to charges stemming from their involvement in a bank robbery in Tacoma in August. Altogether, seven men have been charged, five of them Rangers. The non-Rangers are Canadians; one of the Rangers has dual citizenship and is currently under house arrest in his mother's house in BC, fighting extradition. Two Rangers already pleaded guilty. 2 ex-Rangers to admit guilt in bank heist, Seattle Times, March 8, 2007. Trial Ad instructor Amanda Lee represents one of the Rangers who is scheduled to enter a plea today. The details of his plea agreement were still confidential at the time of the newspaper story.

Other stories (all Seattle Times, all by David Bowermaster):

I think the Army recruiting slogan, "Be all you can be," was not really intended to apply to young men with ambitions to use their weapons training for bank robbery.

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